How it works

Simply download and launch the Vault Online Backup software and check off the items that you want to backup. The Vault Online Backup software will run automatically to backup the selected items at user-defined intervals.

Vault Online Backup solution offers continuous data protection - you can start backup whenever a file is being modified.

Vault Online Backup software encrypts all data using 128-bit encryption to secure it prior to transmission from your machine to the remote server.

We guarantee your data will be there for you when you need it. So when your computer crashes, or if it is stolen, or if it is just time to upgrade to a new machine, rest assured that the restore process will be simple and safe.

Simply login remotely with your secure Vault Online credentials at from any Internet connection point to restore any or all of your files, pictures, documents, etc.


On one account you can add multiple backup sets and install the software on multiple computers without any additional charges!

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Installation assistance

If you require assistance with installing the system, one of our experienced and fully trained technicians can do it for you. Our remote installation fee is $99.00 and it includes configuration of your first machine. Any subsequent machines carry a fee of $29.00 if installed at the same time.

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Standard plans

Vault Online provides users with an award-winning online backup system. Standard plans are specifically designed for small to medium businesses and home users. They give flexibility and power to create a backup that meets your needs. All Standard plans feature In-File Delta technology, which is aimed to reduce your Internet traffic. 14 day FREE trial offer is included in all Standard plans.

Home 3GB 1 $20 sign up
Business 10 10GB Unlimited $35 sign up
Business 20 20GB Unlimited $45 sign up
Business 30 30GB Unlimited $55 sign up
Business 40 40GB Unlimited $65 sign up
Business 50 50GB Unlimited $75 sign up

Subscription fees are payable upfront for a 12-month period. All prices are in AUD and exclude GST.

Advanced plans

Advanced plans can be used by organisations of all sizes. Advanced plans offer true multi-destination, multi-schedule backup that can be adapted to meet your needs at competitive prices. Advanced plans feature comprehensive 3rd party database support (Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes) as well as In-File Delta and Volume Shadow Copy. All Advanced plans include 14 day FREE trial.

Advanced 10 10GB Unlimited $50 sign up
Advanced 20 20GB Unlimited $60 sign up
Advanced 30 30GB Unlimited $75 sign up
Advanced 40 40GB Unlimited $95 sign up
Enterprise 50 50GB Unlimited $115 sign up
Enterprise 60 60GB Unlimited $140 sign up
Unlimited* Unlimited Unlimited $2.49 per GB Contact us

Subscription fees are payable upfront for a 12-month period. All prices are in AUD and exclude GST.

* Minimum 100GB storage.

Manual data recovery

Vault Online Backup allows you to download the backed up data directly from the Vault Online Backup Manager software or using our Online Web Based Control Panel from anywhere in the world. This is a FREE service with no hidden costs involved and can be accessed 24/7. You can be sure that you have instant access to your data in the event of a disaster or process of recovery.

If your data is too large for a quick FREE download form the server, and you wish to have it sent to you on an external USB hard drive, Vault Online will be happy to accomodate your needs. Pricing for this recovery service is below:

Recovery media Media fee Recovery fee
Vault Online Backup manager Free Free
Recovery onto CD or DVD $35 per CD/DVD $99
Recovery on external hard drive $1.49 per GB $99

All prices are in AUD and exclude GST.

Please note that the prices above include Next Business Day Delivery of the media directly to your office. It is also possible to arrange for collection of the drive at a time convenient to you. For further information or to arrange immediate data recovery, please call our office on 1300 820 250.