Vault Online Backup is an Australian owned and operated business. It was established to provide a simple and affordable way to backup your important business and personal data, and to ensure that it is readily available when needed.

Data that is essential to your business or home and family can be open to hacker attacks or unexpected failures. That is why it needs to be protected by a 100% secure online backup system. Events such as loss of power, technical or hardware malfunctions, viruses, fire, water damage or theft can be catastrophic for you and your business, if your electronic information is unprotected. In these unfortunate situations having a backup or a remote backup service is critical.

Vault Online is committed to ensuring the availability of information in the event of failure or unforseen data loss. We offer a fully automated, daily activated software that will backup and protect your information without fail. This reassurance of protection now allows you to focus your valuable time elsewhere in your business.

Vault Online Backup will guide your business or home operations in a new age of online data protection and file recovery. You can rest assured – knowing that even if the worst was to occur – the lifeblood of your business – your data – is Safe Online.