Nowadays when most of communication and business dealings are made using a computer, electronic data is a vital ingredient of any business operation. Data backup and recovery strategies should form part of your general data management plan. Proper backup procedures and recovery plans would allow your business to recover data in an unfortunate case of system failure.

In addition to backup, you should also consider improving your hardware infrastructure to lower risk of data loss. Some of the hardware upgrades are relatively affordable and should be implemented by most businesses. At a minimum, I would recommend installing RAID devices, dual power supplies and uninterruptable power supplies. These upgrades do not guarantee the availability of data, but can prevent system failures.

There are many factors that can lead to data loss. There are also many types of different backup strategies that aim to protect your data. You need to assess your business environment and user requirements before deciding what type of backup strategy to implement.

Some of the factors you need to consider when analyzing the backup strategy requirements are as follows :

  • Types of possible failure that your system may be susceptible to;
  • Preferred recovery time;
  • Backup types;
  • How often do you need to run backup procedure;
  • Data storage requirements;
  • Recovery points

These factors are explained in more details in the future posts.