This time I will cover main types of backup and backup windows.

Backup types

Depending on your data type Vault Online recommends to choose between four types of backup:
• Full online backup
• Full offline backup
• Incremental online backup
• Incremental offline backup

Time constraints and the amount of data that you have will determine what backup type to use for which data and how often to perform it.

Live backup vs offline backup
Live backups are performed while the system is in full operation. Users can access the backed up application or the underlying database to perform normal actions such as data access and update.

Offline backups are performed when the system is not in operation and is inactive (e.g. at night or on weekends). Users cannot connect to the application or the database, and backup is the only process affecting the system.

Incremental backup vs complete backup
Incremental backup and full backup can be used in conjunction with either live backup or offline backup.

As the name suggests, a complete backup is backing up of the full data set. You can perform a backup of all files, databases and applications.

An incremental backup is backup of the changed data set only. It can be setup to backup the data changed since either last incremental or last complete backup.

How often to run backup procedure
You will need to determine a suitable period of time (called backup window) when a specific type of backup can be executed. It is recommended to schedule a backup window when the system has the least activity or no activity.

Selected backup type, size of your data set, preferred recovery time and other conditions will determine the duration of a backup process. Therefore you need to develop procedures that will suit your situation and requirements.

Some backups can be performed live while other backups should only be done offline. For example, static files, such as photos, videos, system configuration files and the like can be backed up at any time. The backup window for static files is limitless.

Conversely, because databases are always active, they require special commands being activated to allow backup in order to keep data integrity. In this case, the backup window during the off-peak hours is recommended.